Genealogy Records of
Our Cook & Medlock Ancestors
along with some of
 Our Allied Kin


Welcome to Our Work in Progress!

On these pages you will find some of the research we have done over the past 15 years. Instead of languishing in files, piles, boxes and nooks & crannies of our home, we decided it was time to showcase and share our ancestors with the world.

It is our hope that someone with family ties will find something new to add to his or her family history and perhaps, in return, share a tidbit or two with us.

We do our best to document what we find while in pursuit of our family history. However, errors will inevitably creep in so it is incumbent on all researchers to verify any and all information. If you find what you believe to be incorrect information, we will appreciate your letting us know.  We freely share what we have found and if you would like to share your information, we will gladly give credit where it is due.

One of our primary research goals is to find descendants of Franklin Cook, born 1803, Elbert County, Georgia; died 1870, Henderson County, Texas for inclusion in the family tree project updated yearly in the Franklin Cook Family Association reunion journal. Another goal is to find parents for  Thomas J. Hunter, born 1876 in Kentucky (Clinton County, perhaps) and died 1903 in Collin County, Texas. Of course, we're looking for parents for Samuel Medlock, Sr. (died 1829, Edgefield, South Carolina), Samuel Henson, Sr. (died 1869, Stoddard County, Missouri) and, . . . well . . . you get the picture! 

So the search goes on . . .                                      Joe and Janet (Medlock) Cook

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